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Moving for a job can often feel like having another job. With the help of the OurErrands relocation service, it shouldn’t have to be. We take the burden off of you and your family allowing for an easier transition and acclimation into a new city!

Relocation software built with you in mind.

OurErrands utilizes a robust technology platform that makes organizing your move that much simpler. 

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How can OurErrands help your company?

Over 60% of corporations relocate employees every year, amounting to the movement of approximately 10 million people. Corporations are constantly competing to hire top talent and rely on promoting and relocating new and existing employees. However, 41% of relocated employees consider leaving their employer within the first 6 months after moving because they don’t become acclimated to their new city.

OurErrands is a destination service provider that assists employees with relocating and acclimating into their new city. This platform leverages machine learning to offer a more personalized solution that better predicts what employees will need before they know they need it. OurErrands’ network of vetted lifestyle managers works directly with top talent to remove the relocation stresses, which allows employees to focus on their new position more effectively with fewer relocation-related distractions thereby improving quality of life.

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What People Are Saying

Heather A.

OurErrands helps manage my life and I couldn’t have made the move successful without them. They are more than a company; they are like family.

Ashley S.

After relocating with my company, I didn’t know who to turn to then I found OurErrands. I have used other relocation companies but this was the best experience! 

Nicholas J.

By far the easiest move to Atlanta yet! I returned back to Atlanta since graduating college and things have changed. OurErrands was able to find the right neighborhood and apartment for me. I love it here!

Christopher B.

I was recently promoted and the decision to move was tough for my family. The decision was easier knowing that I could trust OurErrands. With OurErrands, we were able to transition with ease and now my family loves it here.

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In 10 minutes or less, OurErrands can help you relocate easier and provide the support you need when you need it.

A personalized approach is what we have found to be the best way to explore how we can help organize the moving process and improve the post relocation experience. This experience can be customized to your needs and specifications. If you are interested in learning more about OurErrands, feel free to fill out this brief form and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.


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