3 Motivations Why Millennials Should Move For A New Job

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Millennials do not need a major promotion to want to shift to a major city for a new job opportunity. Some factors may include: moving to cities with a great work-life balance, places where the commute is manageable and areas where the job market is thriving.

What’s the incentive to make the move for millennials?

Money and culture

Young professionals not only value money as a major motivator to relocate, but also consider the culture of the company they work for. The benefits of the company whether it is working from home, healthcare, or professional development resources and workshops are a huge incentivize for a millennial to want to move for work.

Support for your business

With the vast number of millennials wanting to start their own business, millennials are looking to live somewhere that can sustain and support that business. Millennials will often look for a city that has a community of support for incubator programs, co-working spaces, and networking opportunities.

A New City and Adventure

Sometimes, millennials will move just because they are looking to explore a different city and surrounding. Millennials who have fewer obligations like a family will have more freedom to uproot their lives and relocate to a new city. Sometimes the incentive is more about wanting to explore new things and culture than money. 

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