3 Reasons You’ll Love Moving to Historical Charleston, SC

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With its colorful assortment of antebellum homes, historical sites and miles of beautiful beaches, many people are choosing to relocate to Charleston, SC.

Before you relocate to Charleston, find out the top 3 Reasons people Love Moving to Historical Charleston, SC.

  1. Southern hospitality

Charleston has been named recently the friendliest city in the U.S. Yes, southern hospitality is a real thing in the South and if you’re moving from up North or other parts of the U.S., be prepared for strangers to go out of their way to strike up friendly conversation.

The locals, tourists, and everyone loves Charleston and the city has numbers to prove it. Charleston was recently voted the No. 2 city in the world!

  1. “The Holy City”

Charleston is over 350-years-old and is one of the oldest cities in the South nicknamed, “The Holy City.”

From the churches to the cobblestone, you’ll never get tired of learning about historical Charleston no matter how long you’ve lived there. Visit some of Charleston’s historical landmarks from America’s oldest preserved plantation to where the Civil War began. The city has made it its priority to preserve the city historical landmark.

  1. Best city to build a future

Charleston has the best of the best schools, low cost of living and a great economy. It’s no surprise that Charleston is a great place to build a future and grow a career.

The School District is the second largest school system in South Carolina and if you have children, Charleston has some of the top elementary schools. There are great colleges and universities in the area, including The Citadel is one of the most prestigious military colleges in the nation.

The economy has increasingly grown and has the largest industries in the medical field and military. Companies such as: Boeing and Volvo have added new jobs to the region, creating a great place to live for millennials too.

Because of a strong local economy, and increasingly abundance of job opportunities, Charleston is the place to live for millennials. The city’s growing economy has attracted huge tech startups that hire large numbers of Millennials.

With its beautiful neighborhoods, cobblestone streets, historical settings, and growing economy, Charleston is a city you’ll never want to leave!

With the help of OurErrands, relocating to historical Charleston will be a no brainer!


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