4 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Move

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Summer is the busiest moving season but why is it the best time to move? Before you plan to move during any other season read below why Summer is a good time to move.

Sunshine and Beautiful Weather 

Who wants to move when it is winter? There are many challenges you’ll face when trying to move during the wintertime. Some of the challenges you will face when you move in the winter are slippery roads, snow, freezing cold, icy walkways, and more. When the weather is warm it is a lot easier to move and your valuable possessions won’t get wet, moldy or freeze.

Good Time to put your Home on the Market

Summer is not only a good time to move, but also a great time to sell. When you sell your home, you most likely have to move somewhere. No matter where you choose to move to, the summer has been proven to be the best season to move.

School Year 

The kids are out of school and with the new school year starting in the fall, you will have to act quickly to relocate before the first day of school begins. Begin early researching the best schools and school districts ahead of time. You want to move during the summer to get the kids settled in and enrolled in their new school before the school year begins.

Moving in the middle of a school term is most likely to be unsettling for your kids. If your kids are in after-school activities such as: cheerleading and football, they may not be able to get on the team until the next school term.

Relocating for Work

During the summer people tend to start their new jobs in the fall semester therefore relocating in the summer is the perfect time to get acclimated into their new city before their first day. A new job and new location will take time to research and close on a new house, pack up and move belongings, and enroll the children into a new school district. If you need any help relocating to your new city, Ourerrands is the best relocation company to help you move during the busiest season of the year.


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