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OurErrands has focused on using innovation and technology to make the relocation process less stressful and more personal. By centralizing and automating the process, the system has the flexibility to allow for more personalized service and a more compatible connection between customer and Lifestyle Manager. With a wider variety of services and individual attention, employees and companies are fully assisted in dealing with every aspect of their relocation.

The Difference

Our Lifestyle Manager services are truly comprehensive, encompassing every aspect of your relocation (as shown in the unique 3-Phase model below). For a relocation to be successful, it must address all three phases: Moving, Settling-in, and Getting Acclimated.

Our Errands is Stress-Free

Our goal is to reduce the stress of the relocation experience. Our client’s quality of life has been improved by the use of our services by having our experienced lifestyle managers work together with the employee along with their company’s mobility team to ensure that they have what they need to be successful in their new role.

OurErrands is Personal

OurErrands is more than a business, we are like family. Our team of lifestyle managers are outgoing and have a passion for helping people. We treat our clients like they are an extension of our own family. This explains why we have a focus on conducting an initial consultation and customizing services if needed to fit their needs and personality.

Our Errands is Available

All employees will have the opportunity to have access to their relocation, lifestyle manager and vendor network for 12 months with the option of extending their membership after. This makes our company stand out to ensure that we have someone available when your employee needs them.

OurErrands Network

The Initial Consultation

OurErrands will contact your employee to conduct a 30 minute initial consultation. At this time, our relocation consultant will collect information about them as well as their family pertinent to the move. Our goal is to ensure that everyone involved in the process has a smooth transition.

Dedicated Lifestyle Manager

After the initial interview, employees will receive an introduction to their dedicated lifestyle manager that will be with them every step of the way of their relocation along with a Client Log-in. Our dedicated team is an extension of your company’s in-house HR and mobility team Improving the employee experience.

Access To Our Vendor Network

Employees will receive a 12-month membership and access to the OurErrands platform. This means that now they will be able to purchase additional services at any time and maintain access to our vendor network. With the OurErrands approach, our clients are more like family.

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