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OurErrands’ services and software are robust so we wanted to clarify some common questions below. We try to cover everything here. Please feel free to reach out to our team if you had any additional questions or concerns.

General Questions

How does an employee get their relocation started?

Employees will receive communication from their company’s relocation department to get their username and password. Once the username and password are distributed, employees are able to have full access to the platform. We will assign employees their own lifestyle manager that will assist them every step of the way.

Can an employee exchange out services based on needs?

Yes, our packages are fully customizable and tailored to the needs of the employee thereby ensuring a successful relocation experience. For example, if an employee elects to not utilize our driver’s license coordination service but needs help finding local tennis instructors; we have them covered. 

What is an Initial Interview?

The initial interview is the most important and first step in the relocation process. This step is when we find out more about you and can begin the process of finding the perfect match for the Lifestyle Manager and Vendors that will needed. During this process, we will will block out at least 30 minutes to have a thorough conversation with us to discover all of the needs and hopes for the relocation. After the interview, we will receive an email with a link to use the Client Log-in. 

How do I create an account?

After an Initial Interview, employees will receive an email with a link to schedule an initial consultation with their Lifestyle Manager. When the employee has scheduled the first appointment with their lifestyle manager, the employee will be asked to create a password. Employees can use this password next time they come back to the Client Login to schedule and manage appointments.

What can employees do with the Client Log-in?

First, employees will log-in into the Client Log-in and will see the Lifestyle Manager’s photo and a short bio. Employees can use a credit card to schedule and pay for additional services with their manager.  (If the employee is a corporate transferee, they will be able to schedule sessions as long as the allotted hours have not been exhausted). Finally, employees can return to the Client Log-in at any time to change an appointment time (24 hour notice required), and purchase and schedule more sessions as needed. 

What do employees do if they have forgotten my password?

To achieve a password, from the login screen, click the “Forgotten Password” link. Then enter the email address and the employee will receive an email to reset your password.

How much does it cost?

Rates start at only $99/hour. We offer a host of packages that are available and fully customizable for our clients and corporate partners.

What is the cancellation policy?

Sessions must be canceled within 24 hours in advance of the starting time. If employees cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, the employee will be charged for the price of the session.

What is OurErrands?
OurErrands is a relocation concierge service that will help simplify the employee’s life. With the help of our lifestyle managers, we provide customized services to help make relocating to a city stress-free. Besides just getting clients moved physically, we offer exceptional services to enrich their lives. This includes connecting them with recreational activities and social organizations. We take a personal interest in our clients and customize our services to make their lives as productive and happy as possible.
Why use a relocation concierge service?

Moving is a complicated process. It requires intimate knowledge of a new city that is difficult to attain from afar. A relocation concierge service takes the stress out of managing such a complicated enterprise, while also providing solutions based on specific knowledge of the destination city. Companies that utilize relocation concierge services are able to recruit the best talent, increase productivity and retention of newly relocated employees. 

What makes OurErrands special?
There are three main factors that put OurErrands at a major advantage over their competitors: 1) We are a full-service company that handles every aspect of relocation to a new city, making moving more simplified and less stressful; 2) Our mission is to focus on making your relocation process more personal by providing the employee a lifestyle manager who is chosen based on personality and interests to be as compatible and helpful as possible; and, 3) We provided competitive pricing by giving employees the opportunity to book their lifestyle managers after relocating.
How does OurErrands differ from relocation assistance I can get from other real estate brokers?

We are not a real estate broker who has their own portfolio of properties to sell, preferences of neighborhoods or vendors, and agenda of any kind. We provide a wide network of vendors to choose from, so we can find the optimal team to handle all aspects of the relocation.

My company pays for relocation, but would like to use OurErrands. What can I do?
We will be happy to reach out to the employer and will offer select free services as part of our referral program if the company comes on board.
What cities does OurErrands relocate employees to?
Currently, OurErrands relocates employees to Atlanta, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Cape Coral, Charleston, Chattanooga, Detroit, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Jacksonville, Key West, Knoxville, Little Rock, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Savannah, and West Palm Beach. If there is a city the employee or employer would like to recommend, please let us know and email us at
An employee wants to buy a house. What realtor should they use?
Using a concierge service like OurErrands is the best way to choose a realtor because we offer a large list of realtors to choose from; we are not limited to certain areas or client lists. We are an advocate throughout the home-shopping process, suggesting realtors who have the most appropriate homes in their portfolios and who cover the best neighborhoods for the employee. If the employee has a change of heart or wish to try a different neighborhood, we can accommodate them without limitation, also conducting through home tours in select cities.
An employee wants to rent a house, apartment or condo. Can OurErrands help them?
Many of OurErrands’ clients are looking for rental housing for a variety of reasons. Some clients prefer to begin by leasing a home, condo or apartment so that they can make a better judgment about a permanent residence at a later date. Our lifestyle managers are here to assist in finding the best leasing options and the employee’s dream home.

What if an employee isn’t completely happy with their home or condo? Can OurErrands help them alter or redesign it?

If an employee is looking for an interior designer for their new home or residence, we have a network that includes top professionals in the industry or if they are a do-it-yourself type, our lifestyle managers can connect them to the finest showrooms to pick out your decor. Our network also includes architects and contractors if they are looking to make structural changes to their residence, as well.
What moving company can OurErrands recommend?
OurErrands has contracts with some of the largest and most reputable national and international moving companies. Because of our relationship with these companies, we can provide an employee with savings of up to 50% on the cost of moving, if we are managing the expenses. If they have already chosen a moving company in their home city, OurErrands will personally manage all aspects of the move, acting as the agent and surrogate in their absence. We will also handle all moving permits, insurance, customs and duties, and be present on site when the employee cannot, so they can relax.
An employee is not sure yet whether they want to move. May they come for a scouting visit?
Before choosing to move to a new city, many employees choose to visit their new city at least once before committing to move. OurErrands can help with making all of the arrangements for the employee’s “sneak preview”, so that they get the most out of the trip, including: picking up the employee at the airport, making hotel arrangements, introducing the employee to their lifestyle manager, giving an overview tour of the area and neighborhoods that might appeal to them (based on your initial consultation), and suggestions for recreational and nighttime activities. This applies to select cities.
Does OurErrands have temporary housing while employees getting acclimated?
OurErrands works with realtors and housing providers to acquire rental or leased properties for clients on a temporary basis. Even if plans are not long-term, we believe the employee’s time in temporary housing should be a quality experience like our permanent clients. When the employee decides to make the plunge on a permanent residence, we will be there to assist through the entire process.
An employee doesn’t know anyone in their destination city. Can OurErrands connect them with activities and things to do?
One of the main advantages of using OurErrands is the focus on the employees and every aspect of their new life. Part of every relocation process is making sure they have access to every resource that will help them find fulfillment in their new home, whether it’s a hobby, a favorite sport, the arts, nightlife, food, outdoor activities, or just quality time at home with family. Our lifestyle managers will take the time to get to know the employee to help come up with social activities that will help make their new city work for them.

What services does OurErrands include?
We offer essential services employees will need when moving to a new city, and even after. Our network of professionals includes real estate brokers, attorneys, accountants, immigration services, interior designers, moving companies, tour guides, language classes, domestic help, and schools for the kids. We even help discover social organizations including: sports, cultural and social activities that will make life more fulfilling. All of these services are available with our packages and can be customized.
What is a Lifestyle Manager?
After an Initial Interview, OurErrands’ team will provide a Lifestyle Manager that has been matched for the employee based on factors like personality, common interests, and familiarity with factors relevant to their particular case. Our Lifestyle Managers are a central part of our business and only hire positive, knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about relocation and about helping people. Our Lifestyle Managers will be in direct contact and the person who will guide them through the whole relocation process. This relationship is key, so we want to ensure that this is a perfect match!
What if an employee isn’t not happy with their or one of your professional vendors?
We have a broad spectrum of hosts and vendors to fit any need the employee can request a replacement at any time. Our Lifestyle Managers come from many diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of experiences, so there is certain to be someone who will be a perfect match for them. If they are less than satisfied with a vendor, we will continue searching for the right one for them. Please reach out to us if you have any concern at all.
If an employee needs to lease, rent or buy a car. Can OurErrands help?
Absolutely. We can work with the employee to determine what make and model fits their lifestyle and recommend dealers who can be trusted. If they’d like, we can escort them to dealerships and be your advocate in dealing with salespeople in select cities.
If an employee needs a driver’s license. Can OurErrands help me?
Yes. We can walk an employee through the process in the U.S. of obtaining their driver’s license. We will help prepare them for what to expect at the DMV, and even escort them there and give them moral support in select cities.
If an employee needs to set up essential services like utilities, cell phone, banking, insurance, doctors, fitness club, hair stylist, dry cleaners, language schools or getting a social security card. Can OurErrands help me with all of these?
Yes. We can recommend any top businesses for the employee’s lifestyle needs and will spend as much time as it takes to get their life up and running.
Your employee has school-age kids. Can you help me find the right schools?

OurErrands has researched hundreds of schools and can guide your employee on choosing the best schools for the child in the right neighborhood. Some choices to consider that we help with is whether to take advantage of public education or to choose one of the region’s private schools. We understand concerns. Our Lifestyle Managers are well versed in their city’s educational opportunities, many having researched local schools for their own children. We also understand the challenges of balancing the needs of the child’s education with factors like cost, commute, neighborhood resources and lifestyle.

If an employee has college-age kids. Can OurErrands help them apply to college?
Our team has researched the best schools in the country and can advise an employee’s son or daughter on choosing the country’s top schools to apply to.
If an employee wants to find domestic help for my household, like cleaning services, chefs, childcare, eldercare or household management. Can OurErrands help me?
OurErrands’ network of vendors that can improve an employee’s domestic life. Let us advise them in achieving the good life with reliable, talented professionals to take care of their every need.
If an employee has a special interest in arts, sports, cultural or outdoor activities. Can OurErrands help me find resources and connections to indulge their talents and interests?
Definitely. OurErrands’ mission is to focus on the whole person and doing whatever it takes to help an employee find their bliss in their new city. Our Lifestyle Managers are trained to learn everything they can about an employee’s passions and unique qualities so that they can suggest ways to find fulfillment, and perhaps a few ideas that hadn’t even been considered!
If an employee doesn’t have a visa to live in the U.S. Can OurErrands help with this?
OurErrands has experience helping immigrants come to the U.S. and we can discuss options available. Legal advice can only be given by an immigration attorney, but we will put the employee in touch with an immigration attorney who is right for them so that they can handle their case efficiently and to the best advantage.
My company needs a service to help relocate employees. Why is OurErrands a good choice?
OurErrands is an innovative relocation company, offering concierge-type services for intra-company transfers that go beyond the basics. We work with large and small companies, especially in creative industries like entertainment, lifestyle and technology, to ensure that each employee not only has a stress-free move, but that their new life is successful in every aspect. We make sure that the company’s investment pays off and with a goal of retaining a reliable, well-adjusted employee.
Is OurErrands cheaper than other relocation services?
Not only are we more cost effective than other companies, our clients report greater employee satisfaction. Our corporate packages include a wide list of services for the employee to choose from, allowing them to tailor the services to fit their needs, as well as the budget.
If a company has potential employees (candidates) who need to relocate. Can OurErrands help them?

Yes. OurErrands’ services go beyond the limited consultation provided by other destination advisors, providing comprehensive relocation services and extensive quality-of-life support.

How can OurErrands help with candidate selection?
OurErrands offers a Candidate Orientation Program that includes an initial meeting, an overview tour including promising neighborhoods, general city information, and feedback to the employer. A preliminary tour like this is the best way for candidates to feel secure about relocating to a new city, while also providing the employer confidence in their staffing decisions.
Describe the communication to the assignees – time frame, communication.

OurErrands will respond within 24 hours by phone and email during business hours unless otherwise specified on the authorization. We follow the authorization to the letter. Our Lifestyle Managers would like to stay in close contact with the new hire and be available when they need them. All communications is tracked, documented, and often monitored for quality assurance.

What markets does OurErrands relocate?

We have a strong presence in 21 major U.S. markets.

Are OurErrands employees 1099 or W2?
We have employees who are part-time, full-time and contractors who make the OurErrands’ team a huge success.
Does OurErrands provide services in other counties?

OurErrands’ provides domestic services only at this time. 

How many cities is OurErrands currently serving?

OurErrands is currently serving in 21 U.S. markets and we are constantly recruiting, hiring and training new professional Lifestyle Managers to meet the demands of our growing business. We are growing fast and will serve all major U.S. markets by 2020. 

If we currently aren’t servicing your area, please feel free to reach out to our team to add the city to our growth plan. 

What does communication with the client look like?

Our Lifestyle Managers use a combination of interpersonal and personal communication including: in-person meetings, phone, email, and text. We contact you within 48 hours to setup a preferred time to conduct an initial assessment and we stay in constant communication throughout the duration of the service period. 

Does the OurErrands team speak any other languages?

Our Lifestyle Managers only speak English at this time. 

How much notice does OurErrands need to provide?

We will be happy to assist you. We have responded to same-day services, but ideally we would like to be given a 10 day notice of any requests for service.

How can I order services?

We make it easy! Once you schedule a consultation, one of our client success managers will reach out to you to gain additional information. Our client success manager will match you with your own dedicated lifestyle manager who will be with you every step of the way of your move. 

Can OurErrands provide additional support for my spouse?

Yes, OurErrands has an array of services specifically for spouses and significant others.

I am in need of housing assistance? Can OurErrands help?

Absolutely! We have made it our mission to do the research for you and can explain and walk you through the process of the getting housing assistance you need through our vetted network and partnerships. 


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