How ATL startup OurErrands helped coordinate for Superbowl LIII

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To many, the Super Bowl is considered to be the biggest sporting event of the year. While Super Bowl season may feel like a special time of the year, gameday is practically its own holiday. To pull off such a feat, an unbelievable amount of coordination is required. Knowing this and given that the big day was in Atlanta this year, the NFL recruited Atlanta based startup OurErrands to help conduct some of their most important operations.

OurErrands, a corporate relocation and lifestyle management company, was chosen by the Super Bowl planning committee to help coordinate needs around their White Glove Program for Super Bowl 53. The White Glove Program is the NFL’s first class service for VIPs, like team owners, executives, sponsors, and special guests, to ensure they have a high-quality end to end experience throughout the week leading up to the game. Out of the vast amount of companies based in Atlanta, OurErrands was selected to lend support because of their focus on hospitality and scope of knowledge regarding relocation and connecting new entrants to a city with local amenities.

Given OurErrands’ history in serving corporate relocation needs to Atlanta, they were a natural fit to help the Super Bowl White Glove program’s distinguished guests have an optimal experience in Atlanta. OurErrands’ has a rigorous vetting process that goes into crafting a team of high-quality Lifestyle Managers, and by doing so they ensure every person has a unique experience when relocating to a new city. Such expertise served the NFL in helping VIP and guest coordination go flawless across Atlanta.

OurErrands is proud to have helped create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show off its hometown during the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The company’s CEO DeShawn Steveson said the company’s intentions were to help offer Super Bowl guests a unique experience by creating “something that money can’t buy”. Through lifestyle managers and services, OurErrands get to know the needs of their clients and use software to predict what clients’ needs will be. This formula helps OurErrands “reimagine relocation” by helping corporations create intimate custom experiences as they move relocate employees from city to city.

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