How to Make Moving Less Stressful with Relocation Services

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If you ever had to relocate, then you know it can be a very stressful and a time consuming task. Relocating to a city for a job, companies will give employees about four weeks to move and get settled-in to report to work after they accept a formal transfer offer. Four weeks to find a new home, pack, and move and if you’re a military member called to relocate, you may get deployed soon after the move, giving you little time to settle in and get acclimated to a new city.

Relocation management companies help make moving less stressful so you can focus on your job and your family. Services include helping you find a new home or sell an existing home, coordinating transportation, choosing the best schools for your kids, researching the best doctors and pet care, and helping you get familiar with a new area.

Costs of Relocating

Are relocation moving services expensive? Most companies will offer a relocation package for employees and you’ll pay little to no cost.

Relocation packages cover the costs around moving expenses, selling your home, house and apartment hunting expenses, and other incentives unique to the individual or employees’ needs. Companies may cover all of the costs that employees will choose in their relocation package or offer a lump sum.

When you consider the time saved on moving and all the hassles, using a relocation service makes good financial sense. Relocation management companies partner with companies and businesses to help with the overall support. Here are a few ways choosing a relocation company can make moving simple.

Home Search

Are you planning to rent, own, or move to a temporary apartment? A relocation company can help research and find the right home in the best neighborhood that suits your lifestyle.

You will work with your dedicated consultant to inform them on what you are looking for including home type, size, neighborhood, commute time to work, nearby schools, and other data. The consultant then gets to work, researching the local market for good options.

Instead of spending your time on the computer doing the research, you’ll be able to spend an afternoon touring a handful of handpicked homes. Once you’ve selected your home, the consultant will usually help with your lease application, as well as utilities, all the details that need to be handled when moving to a new place.

Coordinate the Move

Relocation management companies ensure your belongings are securely packaged and get to your destination on time. If you need help packing and unpacking, they’ll align with a full-service moving company that will offer packing services, custom crating for fragile items, electronics service and installation, and more.

Finding the Best Schools

When choosing a new home as a parent there’s many factors that take into place, but one of the main factors are choosing your new home around a location in a good school district. A relocation management company can help identify and find the best schools that suits your child.

Consultants can prepare a list of options based on your child’s age, language skills, and interests, as well as coordinate school tours and guide you through the application and admission process.

Get Settled

A relocation company helps you get settled into your new location and answers all the questions you may have about your new city that include getting your driver’s license, nearest stores, and social organizations to get involved in. If you are moving to the U.S. from abroad, they may also help guide you through the process of obtaining your Social Security number, while if you’re moving away from the U.S., they can help with complicated paperwork such as applying for a Visa.

Provide Specialized Services

Aside from the moving basics, relocation companies can help with any number of additional details, such as:

• Find a language tutor for you and/or your family

• Job search

• Coordinating furniture rental

• Coordinating pet relocation services

• Designing corporate relocation packages

When you are moving, the research and logistics of relocating can be stressful. Let OurErrands help make moving less stressful and more about enjoying what your new city or location has to offer.


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