How to Manage Challenges Employees Face with Employee Relocation?

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Recruiting the right employees to boost performance and productivity for your company can help your company thrive against competition. Top talent may not necessarily be located in your city and may require your company to recruit others from different locations to ensure you are hiring qualified employees for the right positions. Relocating employees can be a stressful process and if not managed properly can affect your company. Before considering employee relocation for your company here’s a few challenges that may arise in the process.


Employee Doesn’t Want to Commit to Moving

Not every employee will jump at the opportunity to relocate for a job or company, especially when they have to consider not only themselves, but their significant other or family. When asking an employee to relocate you must streamline the process as easy as possible for the employee and their family. Asking someone to pack up to leave their home you must incentive them in some way with a relocation benefit package or something in return to get them to commit to moving and staying at their relocated location.


The Cash Benefit Isn’t Enough

When offered a new position, many companies will include a signing bonus as an incentive for relocation. While, this is a great incentive when getting a new job, the bonus that employees are given is used to manage their own relocation, that includes finding their own home, realtor, moving boxes, and more without going over their budget that has been allocated in their signing bonus. When the employee goes over that allocated moving expense they reach out to their HR direct contact and most of the time their HR Manager has to be the one who helps in the process of their relocation on top of their day-to-day tasks.

Moving Belongings from Point A to Point B

Employees have to research to find a moving company and pack up their belongings to move across the state, country or world while managing the duties that will surface with their new position in the company. Many challenges can arise such as belongings can get lost, damaged or even arrive late causing an even greater challenge with the employee feeling less confident about their decision to relocate for their company. Many companies will avoid their employee from managing their own move by partnering with a relocation company who can connect their employees with a network of quality moving companies, and can help when issues arise in the moving process.


Difficulty Finding Housing

Finding a home or housing across another city, state or housing can become the most difficult task for an employee. When looking for the right place to live, most employees will have a difficult time not knowing what neighborhoods are the best in the area, transportation, school districts, and overall living costs. Finding affordable housing is very important for your employer and that is why some companies will cover the cost for temporary housing or your hotel stay, while they sort out a more permanent housing situation.


Manage Employee Relocation

Starting over in a new city, state, or country can be very stressful for an employee, their significant other, or family. A company may not have the necessary tools to manage every employees’ relocation and should consider hiring a relocation company to help with the overall process. OurErrands can help make life more simplified and help employees manage their focus more on getting situated in their newly relocated location.


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