Summer, Summer, Summertime

For mom entrepreneurs, summer doesn't mean a break, the kids are out and they're ready to get into any and everything. Hire a personal assistant to help you finally get your summer break this year!

It’s the first day of summer! With the children out of school, it can become very hectic for mom entrepreneurs. Just because school is not in session doesn’t mean the work stops. Between getting the kids ready for summer camp, planning last-minute details for summer vacation, or school shopping, moms can’t seem to catch a break especially as an entrepreneur whose work goes beyond the 9-5 job. What better time to spend a few minutes while the kids are away to book a personal assistant? Let’s break it down what your summer could be like when you hire a personal assistant to help keep your business intake during the summer.

Hiring a personal assistant during the summer doesn’t mean the early mornings doesn’t still exist. Yes, you’ll still have to wake-up at 6 AM and get the kids dressed for summer camp, but we’ll make it easier for you! Our personal assistant will organize the kids’ clothing to minimize the time looking for socks to match or clean clothes. Let’s not forget how easy it will be to grab a breakfast bar and go because your personal assistant  managed to go grocery shopping Sunday afternoon to get everything ready and organized for the week.

Getting the kids organized is not the only thing a personal assistant can assist with. From planning meetings in between confirming last-minute details on this year’s family vacation, we’re putting an end to those stressful summer days. This sounds like the ideal summer, right? When you book your personal assistant today, OurErrands will help make your ideal summer break possible and you can go about your day being the best mom and Girl Boss you could possibly be!

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