The Personal Assistant – A Startup’s Secret Weapon




The biggest secret of highly productive people isn’t in any way ground breaking, but it is most often forgotten: They don’t try and do everything themselves. In theory, delegating work sounds like a fairly easy mantra, but in reality, it’s a huge challenge for heads of startups and small businesses.

For starters, it’s difficult relenting control at such a crucial phase in a company’s growth. That’s why burnout due to extreme multitasking is such a common misstep with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur recently published an article on lessons for early entrepreneurs — and the first one? “Say no to stuff that won’t move the needle.” The key point here is that effective delegation is about placing your focus where it matters most, and letting others take care of tasks you shouldn’t be doing.

However, startups and small businesses face another unique challenge: cash flow. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, even if you are on board with getting help, you often don’t have the time, space or resources available to hire that additional employee you desperately need. That’s why so many successful business people have turned their attention to personal assistants (PA’s). PA’s not only save you time and money, but they are also an affordable and experienced investment in the growth of your company. The number of PA’s is growing rapidly. They range from contract workers to freelancers who focus on administrative tasks in different sectors.

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