Top 8 Reasons to Move to Atlanta

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1. The Good Ole’ South

It’s almost February and as usual Atlanta is shutting down school at the first sign of snow on the weather forecast. Yes, we’ve had our share of snow days and Atlanta residents being stuck on highways because of the Snowpocalyse, but when it comes to the weather in the Atlanta, you can best believe the snow won’t stay around for too long. One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that you will get the chance to experience all of the season changes.

The South has the best weather and you can enjoy walking around the Atlanta BeltLine or lounging in the park almost any time of the year, when the climate is not too cold. There’s no denying it, one of the best things about living in Atlanta is the weather.

2. Airport

Have you ever walked through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport? If you’ve, you know you better put on your comfortable shoes. Hartsfield-Jackson is the biggest airport in the U.S., but the most convenient with non-stop flights to pretty much everywhere at pretty much every hour of the day. When you move to another city and will have to constantly get a reconnecting flight, you’ll start appreciating what you had back home.

3. More Bang For Your Buck

We all have our times where we’ve complained about our monthly apartment rent or mortgage going up, but let’s face it, Atlanta is downright cheap. Instead of living in a 600 square ft. apartment with three roommates in other cities, you get more bang for your buck in Atlanta than in other cities like free parking and utilities included for some residential places. That is why Atlanta has become a great place for young professionals and families looking to get more square footage and recreation for their hard earned dollars.

4. Culture

Atlanta is the New York of cultural opportunities. You can be sure that any Broadway musicals are stopping through Atlanta on their tour. We have the High Museum of Art in Midtown that has great exhibits like Infinity Mirrors. Also, the infamous Fox Theatre, Woodruff Arts Center, Zucot Gallery, and annual festivals that make Atlanta’s culture one of a kind.

5. Job Opportunities

Atlanta is home of Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot and Coca Cola and other large employers like universities, hospitals, and more, Atlanta is a great opportunity for anyone looking to jump start their corporate career and gaining opportunities to professional career growth.

6. Food

There is nothing like Southern cooking! Atlanta has tons of options and local restaurants to choose from all types of different cuisines. Get a taste of upscale to casual, ethnic to the South’s finest comfort food, the options are delicious and limitless!

7. Historical Neighborhoods

Atlanta’s local neighborhoods around the city are historical and one-of-a-kind. Most of the areas around the city are walk-able to restaurants and local shops like Inman Park and Virginia Highlands and have a real sense of community. They host their own festivals like Decatur Wine Festival and the local residents are passionate to keeping their neighborhood safe, fun and family-friendly.

8. Southern Hospitality

Have you ever wonder why people say they love when they meet someone from the South? It’s simple, Southern Hospitality. Simple as it may sound, people are pretty friendly around the South. People are more than often willing to lend a hand and they mind their manners, too.

When you get a chance stroll through Atlanta’s best neighborhoods: Virginia Highlands, Inman Park, Buckhead and Midtown on a sunny Saturday afternoon and see why Relocating to Atlanta is the best choice you’ll ever make for you as a young professional or family man or woman.


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