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Buying a home in Atlanta in 2018: 3 Ways a Personal Assistant can make your home buying experience easier


Summer time is quickly approaching in Atlanta and when warm weather approaches many residents are either looking for houses or selling their homes. Atlanta has become the city to move to especially for millennials. The recent growth of the population reached more than 6.2 million people, forcing the city to make room for new Atlantans in any and every way possible. Newly built apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses surround the city to accommodate the vast numbers of millennials who are starting out in the up and coming city of Atlanta. Atlanta’s popularity with many young professionals relocating to the city has also increased the demand for realtors and their services. From Buckhead to West Midtown to the WestEnd, new Atlantans are looking for the best spots to call home here in the city.

Between the phone calls, meetings and administrative work many realtors are working overtime due to the high demand for real estate services. OurErrands is here to help! We will set you up with your
personal assistant to help with all of your real estate needs. Let us show you what value we can provide for your business with OurErrands 3 Ways a Personal Assistant can make your home buying experience easier.

1. Answer the phones and forward calls to licensee

When you are a realtor you are hardly ever in the office. Between showings and meetings with new
clients, realtors don’t have the time to be at their desk to answer phone calls. Hiring a personal assistant can help answer phone calls you missed while you were out showing a client a new house. Whether it is a new or existing client, you don’t want to miss an opportunity because you didn’t pick up the phone.

2. Submit data on listings to a multiple listing service

Summer is the perfect time to buy a house because a lot of listings become available. Clients are eager to either sell their homes or buy a new home. If you’re a solo act, it can get hectic when submitting data for multiple listings. Use our personal assistants to help your new and existing clients find the perfect house they can call home.

3. Place advertising in magazines and other news outlets

You never want to stop promoting your business even when summer real estate demand heats up.
Whether it is in a newspaper, magazine, or other digital outlets you as a relator should always be
advertising to even more clients. Hiring a personal assistant can help with placing different forms of
advertisements whether in news outlets or using social media ads to promote your real estate business.

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