Why Do People Move?

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Relocating to a new city, state or country is one of the most stressful decisions you can make in one’s life. Why would one choose to move? We have taken a look at why people are most likely to disrupt their lives and relocate below.

What motivates someone to move?

The most likely reason someone would relocate to a new home is because of a new job opportunity. If a better opportunity to relocate to their dream city or job opportunity, people tend to be more willing to uproot their lives to be able to have the “American Dream.”

Making Money Moves

Most people would rather have a secure job opportunity before relocating to a different location, but millennials are willing to move for a job that doesn’t give a high raise or promotion. Millennials are looking for a chance to work in a non-stressful environment and a chance to work at their dream job even if it means less than a 5% raise.

Moving for a Significant Other

Moving for a significant other takes place when  a major milestone in dating hits like getting being together for a long time or engaged before considering relocating. Considering the cost of living as a major role, many would move in earlier rather than later to be able to split the cost of living and save.

Some other factors significant others would need to consider are which cities both parties like best and employment-based factors: who has the highest salary or most opportunity for growth.

Why Do People Move?

When deciding whether or not to relocate to a new location, the decision most likely is based on cost of living and opportunities for growth in the job market. Relocating means you would have to find a new home, make new friends, and uproot your routine. In many circumstances people are more willing to move at a chance to have a better life and spend their lives with their significant other rather than having a long distance relationship.

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